News: China auction sales halve, bored by Song Dong, Xu Bing at Oxford

New York Times: Nothing Doing with Song Dong’s “Doing Nothing” (February 7, 2013 )
New York Times critic, Roberta Smith almost couldn’t be bothered writing about Song Dong’s (宋冬, born 1966, Beijing)massive show at Pace Gallery.
“The early works here demonstrate that Mr. Song has come a long way from the generic international Conceptualism of his youth, however daring they may have seemed in China when they were first made. But more recent pieces suggest that his development still has a way to go. …, they are also simply well-done examples of done-to-death assemblage.”

ArtLyst Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum Exhibits Contemporary Chinese Artist Xu Bing (February 5, 2013)
First exhibition devoted to landscapes of Xu Bing (b.1955, Chongqing) opened at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University, titled ‘Landscape Landscript’. 1990-98 Xu Bing lived in New York. Since returning to Beijing in 1998 Xu has been Vice President of CAFA, China’s leading art school.

The Art Newspaper: Sales halve at China’s leading auction houses (Melanie Gerlis, February 4)
The author notes that “The figures exclude private sales, a growing area for auction houses”  (no kidding) but the article fails to mention the crackdown on alleged art smuggling and taxation (upon which The Art Newspaper has itself reported ), which just maybe, possibly, kinda also had something to do with auction sales dropping off a cliff.

New York Times: As Art Values Rise, So Do Concerns About Market’s Oversight  (Robin Pogrebin and Kevin Flynn, January 27, 2013)

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