The Way of Chopsticks: Coming Of Age

by Thomas Eller

Chambers Gallery, Caochangdi, Beijing

2019, 11.11 to 2020, 1.11

Yin Xiuzhen and Song Dong

“The one goeth to the other because he seeketh himself, and the other

because he would fain lose himself. Your bad love to yourselves maketh

solitude a prison to you.” Friedrich Nietzsche, ”Thus Spake Zarathustra”

Ironically on “Single´s Day” in China “One” is not the loneliest number. November 11th doubles up 1 and 1 twice. 11 – a number that looks like chopsticks. It is this day that Yin Xiuzhen and Song Dong celebrate 18 years of their continuing “chopsticks”-project. The artists couple got married already in 1992 and started this particular project in 2001. So it is coming of age and gets a beautiful beautiful birthday celebration at Chambers Gallery showcasing a cross-section of works from that period alongside some new works.

What is their secret to first of all – a successful life together as a creative couple and – secondly successful careers independently from one another? – It is the chopstick approach: “mutual trust, equality and independence”. Never did two people announce their love for each other more convincingly. Happy anniversary!


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